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TC 653 A
L135 x H 22 x B22

TC 653 B
L110 x H 22 x B22

TC 653 C
L90 x H 22 x B 22


TC 653
This backpack is designed specially for documentary or News work. Easy-carry ''hands free'' can be transported on shoulder to the mountains or carried on scooter in the city. Made of Cordura®, this padded case carries tripods with particular attention to fluid heads. Additional inside pocket for carrying any adjustments in size or format can be made to suit your particular needs. Every Tripods case has padded leather contoured no-slip shoulder backpack straps.

TC 653 A kost 300 euro
TC 653 B kost 275 euro
TC 653 C kost 260 euro
Bij de bestelling aangeven welk model je wilt. Het bedrag wordt dan verrekend.