Working Easy rugtas

working easy CZ 550 D47

L47 x H20 x B 20


CZ 550 D47

Deze rugtas is geschukt voor
Sony  DSRPD 150/170, HVRV1 , HVR ZE1, HDR E , PMWEX1, HVR Z5
JVC   GY/DV 300
Panasonic  AGDV/X100, AGHVX200, AGHPX171
Canon   XL1/2, XL 1HD

Custom fitted for your Sony HVRZ1E, this rugged back pack will vertically accommodate camera and microphone. The interior is provided of three internal pockets to contain accessories, four more roomy pockets as extended as the entire length of the case  will accommodate  all your delicate production  equipment and other small accessories (pens and ID). Be sure that this back pack will always protect your Sony HVRz1E