Suction mount kit



 This CAMERA SUCTION MOUNT is ideal to safely attach a camera on a moving vehicle, aircraft, train or boat. This innovative KIT uses three strong suction cups, six universal joint clamps and a set of three 12 inch and three 18 inch rods that connect in seconds to a camera plate to position a camera or light almost anyplace. A lighting spud and stainless steel safety cable are also included.

The MOUNT weighs just six pounds. ( Total holding force is 200 pounds. (90kg) Maximum camera weight is 50 pounds. (22.5 kg)

The KIT comes in a sturdy metal reinforced travel case that doubles as a camera platform for low angle shots. Inside the case is a large metal base plate the lets you use the MOUNT as a Mini Tripod or Hi-Hat. You can then reverse the rods upward and use the clamps to attach other devices such as a French Flag, Monitor or Eye Light.

With the included foam pads and grips, this multi-purposeKIT can also be configured to serve as a comfortable shoulder mount.

Strong and light weight, this unique SUCTION MOUNT KITby MICRODOLLY is a valuable and versatile production tool.