Que Audio ENG kit

 Specifications - Mini Shotgun

Capsule principle - Back electret
Frequency response - 30hz > 18Khz
Polar pattern - line and gradient - Hypercardioid
Sensitivity -36dB @ 1v @1 Pa
Sound pressure level 124 dB @1 KHz
Capsule impedance - 600 ohms
Power requirement - 3v internal
Battery type - 2 x A84 button cells
Battery life – approximately 100 hours of continuous use
Size - Length 125mm Dia 10mm
*Specification and designs subject to alteration without notice


The E.N.G. Kit has been designed by and for sound recordists, journalists, pro
consumers and education facilities that need a complete light weight, flexible
microphone and boom system. Although the microphone is extremely small
and unobtrusive, the rejection properties are comparable to any standard wide
body shotgun microphone. The microphone is self powered, however a Que
48v phantom cable can be utilised if required.


*Pencil profile mini shotgun microphone
*Hypercardioid for excellent on/off axis rejection
*High Sound Pressure Level
*Conforms to aircraft carry on specifications
*Detachable cable with a full range of interchangeable connectors allowing
the microphone to interface with a wide range of audio inputs
*The unique boom pole will extend from 33cms to 1.5m, and if attached to the
base it becomes either a table top or floor microphone stand
*Two poles may be screwed together extending the length to 3m


Kit Contents
1 x Mini Shotgun microphone
1 x WOMBAT (fluffy windjammer)
1 x Mini shock mount
1 x Foam wind sock
1 x Boom 33cms > 1.5 m
1 x Monitoring headphone
1 x Base
1 x Carry case