MOVCAM Knight D202 A

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  The sled of Knight D202 is modular and tightly constructed and highly functional. It is composed of a mounting stage, a gimbal, a lower module, a monitor kit and an elastic post..
The mounting stage and the gimbal are made of 6000series aluminum alloy. The structure is precise, reliable, convenient. Adjustment is tool-free.
The lower module and the monitor kit are upgradable. It is easy and quick to set the rig to its working state. More function equipments can be added, such as video, camera, Gyro system etc. Either in normal shooting or low mode shooting, both the lower module and the monitor kit can work perfectly. The lower module has two battery pads, offering long time shooting.
Hidden-in level ensures easier adjustment. 
Elastic post utilizes reinforced aluminum alloy. The travel length of the post is from 460-720mm. Tool-free quick release clamp allows fast, easy and convenient operation.

Knight D202 arm utilizes a dual 2-group spring structure. It's light, stable and offers a wide range of adjustment. It's compatible with the main-steam professional camera equipments. The load capacity range from 10lbs to 25lbs. 
The arm is mainly constructed of aluminum 6000 or 7000 series. Every joining point is inset with dust-proof bearings. It's easy and flexible to operate.
The unique bump-proof design reduces the bump between the operator's elbow and the arm. Quiet and smooth operation is guaranteed.The vest connection is reversible ,which is convenient for the left-handed users

The vest is a combination of the professional knowledge of the designers and their devotion and diligence to the work: the ergonomic cutting, highly ventilating fabric and free adjustment for perfect fit. The uniqueness of this vest lies in its sincere care for the user.
In structure, Movcam is the first to use an air chute to evaporate sweat quickly. The choice of ultra-light ventilating fabric is another feature. Both the air-chute design and the fabric ensure comfort for the user. Another feature of this vest is that it, scientifically and ingeniously, allocates the pressure evenly to several parts of the user’s body instead of on one part, which greatly reduces the pressure on the user’s spinal column and consequently ensures easy and smooth breathing. Besides, the adjustable chest shield can better suit users of different sizes.
The supporting structure of the vest uses reinforced light aluminum alloy with matte surface. The bridge can be adjusted vertically. The arm connector can be adjusted to suit both the right-handed and the left- handed users.