MOVCAM Knight D200

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 The development of HD digital photography technique leads to the development and production of high quality picture cameras of lightweight. Today, lightweight cameras are popular among TV stations, studios and academic film schools. Its outstanding feature lies in its lightweight.
Knight D200 helps lightweight cameras stand out. Combining the high quality of Movcam Knight collection and high demand for design, D200 represents a completely new concept of design among ultra-light professional stabilizers.
Taking into consideration the present and potential future development of HDV cameras, Knight D200 employs standard design and module so as to guarantee its further development of function. Knight D200 supports any camera under 10lbs with 7.2 v or 12v power supply. HDSDI is optional for D200, which gives D200 an edge over other lightweight stabilizers.
Knight D200 maneuvers well in all conditions. The employment of ultra-light structure design and high precision parts ensures high demand for shooting. Excellent performance is expected in all shooting situations.

Uniquely designed structure, offering perfect dynamic balance adjustment,ultra-lightmounting stage, wide range of side-to-side and fore-and-aft adjustment,tool-free adjustment of the high precision and low friction gimbal,great compatibility with spring arms of other brands,adjustable battery mount, convenient for adjusting dynamic balance,7.5V / 12V power supply, with HDSDI optional for high quality video signal.

ultra-light material ensures comfortable wear,Sweat-proof air chute, increasing evaporation of body heat,
scientifically designed structure, effectively reducing the pressure on the spinal column and ensuring smooth breathing,
adjustable chest plate and supporting bridge for the best fit on the operator,