MOVCAM Basic kit rig

 De basic configuratie bestaat uit:

topside handgrip
add-on bracket
95mm alu tube
200mm alu tube
base plate
battery bracket
shoulder pad
follow focus
anti skid handgrip

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Basic Configuration(Kit C): professional support for HDSLR/HDV cameras. It combines focus, monitoring and weight-bearing features in one to provide professional support for HDSLR and HDV cameras. This configuration consists basic parts and suits basic need for professional shooting.

All standard parts popular HDSLR / HDV cameras,
Matte box of standard size and reliable structure, up and down adjust, 77mm lens gear ring, other sizes optional, maximum size for 110mm lens,
lightweight aluminum alloy sandblasted and hard oxidized 
precision follow focus, easy setup, synchronized turning with no play
extension bracket offering free adjustment in accordance with different cameras
super precision mounting stage, scratch-proof, nonskid, quick lock,
ergonomic shoulder pad, can be attached to bottom of mounting stage, free positioning