The vest is a combination of the professional knowledge of the designers and their devotion and diligence to the work: the ergonomic cutting, highly ventilating fabric and free adjustment for perfect fit. The uniqueness of this vest lies in its sincere care for the user.

In structure, Movcam is the first to use an air chute to evaporate sweat quickly. The choice of ultra-light ventilating fabric is another feature. Both the air-chute design and the fabric ensure comfort for the user. Another feature of this vest is that it, scientifically and ingeniously, allocates the pressure evenly to several parts of the user¡¯s body instead of on one part, which greatly reduces the pressure on the user¡¯s spinal column and consequently ensures easy and smooth breathing. Besides, the adjustable chest shield can better suit users of different sizes.


High quality materials guarantee comfortable wearing.

Sweat-proof air chutes device increases heat emitting.

Comfortable, ultra light and ventilating fabric.

Scientific structure effectively alleviates the pressure on the operator's spinal column and evenly allocates the pressure on different parts of the operator's body, thus ensuring comfortable breathing.

Adjustable chest plate and support bridge bring extremely comfortable fit.

Infinite adjustment possibilities for different body sizes, Tool free adjustment.

Compatible with other standard vest connecting posts.

Reversible bridge for both right-handed and left-handed users.


New Avant T Sled takes on more innovative technology.

Its sophisticated mounting stage uses high intensity lightweight allloy. And it’s well structured for smooth fore-aft and side-to-side adjustment, which is crucial for static and dynamic balance.
The distinctive feature of the sled is its 1.5” carbon fiber telescopic post. A special device is used on the sled to prevent the mounting stage and the basement twisting and the post being accidentally extended. This device guarantees the safe operation of the rig.
Precision and smooth gimbal is key to the operation of the rig.
Patented device for monitor and battery mounts. It is easy to adjust the angle and spacing,which help balance adjust. Besides, this device provides more potential for future upgrades of function.

Avant T spring is made of titanium alloy and the arm is constructed with aluminum alloy. The whole structure is compact and works in a smooth, quiet and fluid manner. Heavy duty bearings are installed in every joint part, which, together with ergonomic design, brings increased comfort and ease in using the rig.

Ultra-rigid structure.

Titanium alloy spring of lightweight.

Innovative 4-spring design with an extraordinary load capacity of maximum 50lbs.

High precision bearings in all joining parts ensuring smooth, quiet and friction-free operating and sensitive to the movement of the arm.

Convenient double adjust knobs with a wide range of travel.

Standard vest connector fully compatible with sleds and vests of other brands.

Reversible arm rod and support bridge convenient for both right-handed and left-handed operating.

Enhanced aluminum alloy for main parts.