Basic Jib Kit



 Jib details. The Basic Jib Kit includes the MICRODOLLY Jib and the standard 34 inch MICRODOLLY Soft Case. An adapter plate to attach the Jib to almost any professional tripod and a heavy-duty camera plate knob to mount the camera are also part of the Kit. Spring-loaded clips are included to keep gym weights safely on the weight bar. To increase reach, the Jib boom can telescope from 33 inches to 52 inches. The Jib weighs just over 9 pounds and will carry a maximum video or film camera load of 50 pounds at the 33 inch length. No tools are required to assemble.

This innovative Jib Arm will easily handle most professional film and video cameras. Gym weights may be used, or a sturdy folding Weight Cage accessory will hold anything you have for counter-weight: rocks, sand, even water! Jib can be set to automatically adjust the camera "tilt" or "Dutch" angles as you move. Features adjustable tilt and pan friction drag controls. Bubble level is on the yoke base. Camera plate is also adjustable for level. Dual bumpers are on the yoke base for protection.

Gewicht slechts 5 kg!!!